Pay Rs 2000 for 'amenities' or forget about stamped marksheets: School

Jun 24, 2014, 08:11 IST | Shreya Bhandary

St Joseph's School, Agripada, has been demanding the amount for facilities used by children; students' admission process to colleges cannot continue without stamped copies of their marksheets

Adding to the delay and problems created by the state board, a city-based school has put a major hurdle in the way of its SSC students, who are applying online to junior colleges.

The deadline to apply to minority colleges good ones like St Xavier’s, K C College and Jai Hind College is June 25. Pic/Emmanual Karbhari
The deadline to apply to minority colleges good ones like St Xavier’s, K C College and Jai Hind College is June 25. Pic/Emmanual Karbhari

Parents of SSC students of St Joseph’s High School in Agripada have protested against the school management, which has demanded Rs 2,000 each from them as their wards have used “school amenities”. Parents alleged that the school refused to provide stamped copies of the online marksheets to students, to those students who wouldn’t pay the amount.

The stamp of the school on the marksheet generated online by the state board is essential to the online admission process to city junior colleges. “Our children cannot proceed with the online admissions process without a stamp on the photocopy of online results, since they are yet to get their original report cards.

We’ve been told to pay up or they won’t give us school-leaving certificates either,” said the father of one of the students. The state board will give SSC students their original report cards June 26.

Losing out
While the admission process started on June 18, the deadline to apply to minority colleges good ones like St Xavier’s, K C College, H R College and Jai Hind College is June 25. These colleges do not participate in the online process, and parents have to apply individually to them offline. There are 150 students who have passed the SSC exam from the school.

Parents said that this is not the first time such a fee has been demanded the school has been charging smaller amounts but this is the first instance in which such a considerable sum is being asked for under a vague head called ‘development fee’. Those who have paid have not been given any receipt or acknowledgement.

With no response coming from the school management, many parents have also complained to the education department against the institution’s tactics. Some parents have also contacted the National Students’ Union of India. “Schools are not supposed to charge any form of excess fee from students under any circumstances.

What’s worse is that, here, the school is holding students to ransom, especially when they are already worried about their admissions,” said Heena Kanojia, national co-ordinator for NSUI. Kanojia has also written to education minister Rajendra Darda about this.

Explanation sought
A senior education official said that the department has received a complaint from parents. “Schools can’t charge money under dubious heads from students in aided schools. It is against the law. We will get in touch with the school authorities and ask them to explain their stand in this matter,” said the official.

The other side
When mid-day contacted the school principal, she said that students from all classes have paid this amount, and that only a few students from the SSC batch have complained.

“Our school hasn’t received any non-salary grant from the government in nine years and the amount that we have asked students to pay is for all the amenities that students use during the academic year.

Even providing question papers to students costs money, and with no grants coming from the government, we have no option but to ask parents for help,” said Sister Lovena, principal of the school.

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