Pipe burst spews boiling oil over three

Jun 09, 2013, 00:55 IST | Nigel Buthello

Two employees of a Tarapur-based company suffer major burns while the third is injured

Two men suffered major burns while one sustained minor injuries when a leaking valve led to a pipe burst spewing boiling oil over them. The incident occurred on Friday morning at the maintenance department of the Orient Press Facility at Tarapur where the victims -- Avinash Warke (50), Vipul Gharat (27) and Pradeep Singh (20) are employed.

At around 10 am on June 7, Gharat and Singh, who are fixers, accompanied boiling manager, Warke, to inspect a boiler pump whose oil seal had to be replaced. However, the valve was allegedly not fitted properly resulting in hot oil being sprayed on them.

All three victims are residents of Boisar and were immediately rushed to Tarapur Medical Research Charitable Trust. Later that evening they were taken to Masina Hospital, Byculla, where they are currently being treated. Gharat has suffered around 20 per cent burns whereas Warke and Singh have suffered around 80 per cent injuries.

Pushkar Gharat, brother-in-law of Vipul, said, “He was working the morning shift that starts at around 7 am. He was employed with the company for six years. This is the first time such an incident has occurred. However, we are not planning to file any complaint against the company as this was an accident.”

Warke and Singh, who suffered extreme burns, are admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. A person who claimed to be a representative of the company present at the hospital did not allow this reporter to speak to the victim's family and also refused to comment on the incident.

Two officials from Boisar Police station were present at the hospital to record the statements from the three victims regarding the incident. 

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