Plans to revamp railway stations in Dadar, Kurla canned

Aug 17, 2014, 06:40 IST | Shashank Rao

The project, helmed by the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation, would have brought escalators, new ticket counters to Dadar, Kurla stations

It was only in March 23 that mid-day reported the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation’s (MRVC) grand plans to remodel Dadar and Kurla stations, for which even blueprints were drawn up.

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However, the twin projects were canned earlier this month as the Railway Board ruled that they will incur substantial losses.

The projects were supposed to be funded by the money that remained of a World Bank loan.

As per the plan, rail authorities were to build elevated roads leading to the stations, inter-connected foot over bridges (FOBs), mini-malls above platforms, escalators and new ticket counters. Work was to begin after 2016.

“At this rate, Mumbai will have no infrastructure project which will be operational after 2016 on the suburban system,” said a MRVC official.

The plan that was not meant to be
Dadar station was supposed to be remodelled at the cost of Rs 136 crore. The new plan made space for an elevated road especially for taxis and vehicles coming towards Dadar station. The road was to be constructed on the east side of the station, opposite Swami Narayan Temple.

Inter-connected FOBs were also supposed to be constructed over 16,150 sq mt. A space of 1,955 sq mt was also to be made available for shops above the platforms. Twenty-seven escalators between platforms and at entry/exit points were also part of the plan.

The Kurla station revamp was to cost Rs 50 crore. Railway officials planned to dedicate 10,460 sq mt of space to interconnected FOBs at the station. More space for ticket counters and a separate area for shops were also a part of the redevelopment plan. An additional plot of land was to be arranged for a bus terminus, and like the Dadar station, 27 escalators were supposed to be constructed here as well.

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