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Sep 08, 2011, 10:43 IST | Prachi Sibal

Paying tribute to the classic act Dire Straits, UK-based band Money for Nothing is all set to take on their fans

Paying tribute to the classic act Dire Straits, UK-based band Money for Nothing is all set to take on their fans

This one is for all the fans of the classic band Dire Straits. Money For Nothing, a UK-based 11 year-old tribute band, will be in town this Sunday to take you back to classics like Sultans of Swing and Romeo and Juliet. The band features Aled Williams on Lead Vocal & Lead Guitar (Mark Knopfler), Derek Bisset on Drums, Paul Guy on Bass Guitar, Alex Haines on Rhythm Guitar, Aidan Bradley on Keyboards & Backing Vocals and Lisa-Marie on Percussion & Backing Vocals. Attempting to recreate the magic of music greats like Mark Knopfler, they say, "The show is a must see for every Dire Straits fan and even those of rock music and guitar.

You can expect to hear classics including their first major breakthrough hit Sultans of Swing to Romeo & Juliet and of course Money For Nothing, which was the first ever song played on MTV Europe. We have also studied versions from their On the Night Tour & Alchemy."

The tribute was formulated  in the year 2000 after Drummer Derek Bisset and Bassist Paul Guy discovered Aled Williams' voice. "We asked Aled if he wanted to join us in forming a DS Tribute Band. The rest is history. The band has studied DS in great depth to try and re-create the best possible tribute, going as far as performing all the hits,  emulating Mark Knopflers' vocal style and guitar technique to wearing the trademark clothes," they say. The band obviously takes its name after the famous number Money for Nothing which is also their favourite DS song.

Being a tribute band isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially when the task  involves replicating a band that is classic and evergreen. "You can't stray from what the original band did - you have to be as exact as possible. Sometimes you might want to put your own twist to things, but you can't and must not as it wouldn't be a tribute then," says the band talking about the biggest challenge they face as the shadow to Dire Straits. "People who do come to see a particular tribute do so because they are fans of the music and people know exactly what they're going to get," they claim.

Where UB City Amphitheatre, Vittal Mallya Road
On September 11, 4 pm
Call 9845015183
For Rs 750 and R 1,500

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