PM's 'Theek Hai' is a rage online

Published: Dec 25, 2012, 06:38 IST | Agencies |

The unintentional gaffe by Manmohan Singh gave the online community a chance to take potshots at him; by 2.40 pm yesterday, #theekhai was trending worldwide

For the first time since a young woman’s gang rape incensed the country, provoking fierce protests across the country and clashes with the police in Delhi, the Prime Minister spoke to the nation on Monday.

But the headline of the PM’s address has become his question to his staff, which was mistakenly broadcast — “theek hai (alright?)” he is heard asking.

All is not well: Dr Manmohan Singh has faced criticism for giving tailor-made responses to  issues of national importance. File Pic

Dr Manmohan Singh must have thought that the camera had stopped rolling when he asked the question, but the gaffe went ‘live’, on air, and flowed from the actual ending.

The unintentional blunder instantly gave the online community a chance to take potshots at the Prime Minister, who has often faced criticism for remaining a mute spectator or giving tailor-made responses to issues of national importance.

A new surge of anger cascaded online. At 1.30 pm yesterday, more than three trending topics were on the PM’s gaffe — #theekhai, #meekhai, #bheekhai as well as Manmohan. At 2:40 pm, #theekhai was trending worldwide.

Dr Singh’s short speech was delivered as the government is being slammed for failing to connect with a country seeking reassurance that its women will be protected and that laws will be changed to provide tougher punishment for sexual crimes. 

Theek nahin hai!
Silence is truly golden if the spoken word is rusted and needs drastic polishing!!! #theekhai

Madam, madam sorry madam, maine aise hi pooch liya #theekhai? Aage se will stick to the script. Theek hai? Oops madam, sorry..hello? hello?

No Mr Prime Minister it is no longer#TheekHai. We are done with this status quo, chalta hai attitude.

PMjee..women are unsafe, aam janta suffering and angry, Govt is just interested in filling up their coffers, baki sab #TheekHai

Bhagawad Gita saar “jo ho gaya wo bhi theek hai, jo ho raha hai wo bi theekhai, aur jo aage hoga wo bhi theekhai” sab #theekhai ram nam japo.

There is no genuineness in the PM’s emotions... he had to rehearse n stage for a simple, heart-felt 2-minutes speech? this is not #theekhai

LOL our PM is the new Aamir Khan. Aal izz well #TheekHai

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