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Sep 09, 2013, 05:56 IST | Kanika Sharma

Theana's Little Den, a home-based chocolatier ups the creative quotient by making bouquets from marshmallows, cupcakes to stationery while lettering the endorphine-producing chocolates

Blame the sugar rush but the saccharine kitchens in the city should brace themselves to primp up their acts. Theana’s Little Den, a nascent bakery service has picked on that note and has led their imagination wander to the world of chocolate biscuit / stationery / Marshmallow coated Chocolate bouquets, Diaper Cake/ Beverage Can Cakes and much more. On the verge of visiting a dentist, we rang up Theana’s Little Den, a home-based chocolatier for Marshmallows with Coated Chocolate and Cupcakes Bouquet (Rs 750), a Diaper Cake (Rs 550), Lettered Chocolates as well as Assorted Dry Fruit Chocolates (both Rs 550 per kg).

We heart the Chocolate Covered Marshmallow and Cupcake Bouquet. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

We had to admit that the moment our parcel arrived it got the better of us. The Marshmallow-Cupcake Bouquet looked quite a sight with a rustic icing that reverberated the homemade touch. Coating of marshmallows with chocolate was an interesting take as we all nodded through it and can be a new bite for seekers of cloying snacks. The cupcakes had various frosting (including butter cream and chocolate) that were yum with a sprinkle of glitter and had a spongy base to boot. Diaper Cakes didn’t have us salivating and we had quite a mental jog to fathom that it was all diapers rolled into tiers as a cake arrangement. Nothing edible here!

The peculiar Diaper Cake caught eyeballs

Lastly, we popped in Lettered Chocolates that were rectangular in shape and had letters imprinted on the frame. The quality of them didn’t match up to our ardour as they were milky in flavour and quite one-dimensional. The dry fruit chocolates, on the other hand, aroused a darker tinge but didn’t live up to the gobbling binges one is prone to. Shrima Mody, the 24-year-old former Public Relations’ professional, the woman in the spotlight tells us that there are two more women bolstering her endeavours, her mother-in-law who has been making sweets and chocolates for the last eight years and her fivemonth-old daughter, Theana, who inspired the name. Started on Raksha Bandhan, the resourceful Mody, located in Tardeo shares that her creative bouts triggered with Raksha Bandhan has motivated her to make bouquets practically out of anything albeit at a day’s notice.

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