Police scan Kanda's SMSes to Geetika

Aug 13, 2012, 09:49 IST | Agencies

Delhi Police are whaling through voluminous 400 SMSes sent to former flight attendant Geetika Sharma, who committed suicide on August 5, by her former employer and ex-Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda, sources said.

“Around 400 pages of SMSes sent by Kanda to Geetika are being studied. During his absconding period, Kanda was destroying evidences at his MDLR office,” said a police officer. Kanda, who owned the MDLR Airlines where Geetika was earlier employed, was booked for abetment to her suicide and criminal intimidation.

Meanwhile, police took Aruna Chaddha, an official of Kanda’s now-defunct MDLR Airlines where Geetika worked, to the company’s Gurgaon office and seized some files and CDs.

Geetika hanged herself to death and in her suicide note blamed Gopal Kanda for her extreme step. File Pic

Investigators said Chaddha told them that a few days ago Geetika had written a letter to her. According to Chaddha, police said, the letter said, “Few experiences in life cannot be forgiven or forgotten. I will build my career, no matter how many obstacles ‘one’ puts in my way.”

Geetika hanged herself to death and in her suicide note blamed Kanda for her extreme step. Her autopsy report confirmed there was no foul play and she died due to hanging. Kanda, who began his career as a petty shopkeeper and later became a multi-millionaire property dealer, floated the MDLR Airlines in 2007. 

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