Political leader held for implicating local in arms case

Feb 16, 2014, 08:42 IST | Sagar Rajput

Congress Block President Sayyed Azgar Abdul Majid from Andheri West and his three associates were arrested after they planted a revolver at a man's house on the behest of a developer

The Bandra police have arrested a Congress block president from Andheri and his three associates who were involved in planting a revolver at the house of a local resident on the behest of a developer. The resident had objected to the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) development project in the area. According to sources, an inspector from DN Nagar police station is also in the radar for helping the accused, sources revealed.

On January 29, the DN Nagar police picked up Shakeel Mohiuddin Sheikh, a resident of Juhu gulli in Andheri (West), after the cops recovered an American-made revolver and three cartridges from his residence. On detaining Sheikh, he raised an objection and alleged that Congress Block President Sayyed Azgar Abdul Majid from Andheri (West) who had a dispute with him over the development of an SRA project had framed him under Arms Act.

“I was released within four hours. The cops realised the goof up and set me free immediately,” said Sheikh adding that, “I am protesting against a SRA project in my area. The builder had demolished nine mosques and 11 temples in the area. I had filed a complaint to the relevant authorities following, which he was in trouble. Majid and his associates who were acting on the behest of the said developer tried to implicate me in a false case.”

After his release, Sheikh complained to the deputy commissioner of police Chhering Dorje of Zone (IX) who took cognisance of the complaint and transferred the probe to Bandra police, which is also under his jurisdiction.

Majid was brought to the police station and on further interrogation, confessed to the crime. He also revealed the names of three of his associates who had planted the weapon at Sheikh’s residence.

“All the four have been arrested in the case. Majid is the main accused in the case while the other accused have acted on his behest,” said inspector Pasalwar of Bandra police station who is investigating the case. When asked whether an officer from DN Nagar police station has any role in the case, Pasalwar refused to comment on the matter.

Sources from the Bandra police station said that the officer was equally involved as it was impossible for the accused to register an FIR against Sheikh without making preliminary inquires. If the said officer would have made basic investigations into the matter the case would have been clear.

“An officer from DN Nagar police station is actively involved in the case. I have written letters to all the top authorities and have asked a detailed investigation about his role in the matter,” Sheikh said.

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