Poll code stalls PMC's Rs 3.5-crore incinerator

Mar 14, 2014, 07:40 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

Awaiting the chief minister’s nod, the machine is lying inactive in a barren land in Mundhwa, where the civic body plans to start its carcass disposal unit

While the PMC is still figuring out ways to dispose dead animals after their carcass plant shut down two months ago, their plan B also seems to have hit a roadblock. Their high-tech imported incinerator in Mundhwa cannot be put to use till it receives consent from the chief minister, which has been pending since last month.

With the election code of conduct in effect, the civic body is unsure of how it will take for them to get this project started.

Yesterday mid-day had reported how carcasses are left to rot on the streets (‘Dead dogs raise a stink for citizens, but civic body breaths easy’) revealing how the PMC has no alternatives to get rid of the bodies in the city.

In 2012, PMC had placed an order for a high-tech incinerator worth R3.5 crore from a UK-based firm. At present the incinerator is lying idle in a barren 3.5-acre PMC plot in Mundhwa where the civic body plans to start this disposal unit.

“For setting up the incinerator, we sought permission from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). Their approval is required to set up such a project. However, as the location of project is 300 metres from the riverside, the MPCB had raised uncertainties under the River Regulatory Zone (RRZ) and sent the file to the state environment department,” said a PMC senior official.

The PMC’s health department officials has met with the chief minister in October last year to seek speedy approval for the project.

“The state environment secretary had stated that for setting up the incinerator in RRZ, special permission from the CM’s office is required. Accordingly the project proposal was sent on February 5 and we are still waiting for the chief minister’s final sanction,” said Dr S T Pardeshi, acting chief of PMC’s health department.


The incinerator, supplied by a UK-based firm, has advanced facilities like aero-discharge, smokeless technology and zero noise pollution.

“The new incinerator can dispose of two tonnes of carcasses a day.

This will meet the current demand. So starting this new plant on priority basis is need of the hour. But we don’t know when we will get the final approval,” said a top PMC official.

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