'Poonam Bhagat took Bengali Baba's number from mum'

Apr 27, 2016, 08:13 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Retorting to this allegation made by the public prosecutor, Poonam Bhagat's lawyers said Jaidev Shroff's case against her is a mere stunt to get a 'quick divorce'

The Jaidev Shroff-Poonam Bhagat saga is far from over. While arguing against the Anticipatory Bail Application (ABA) of Poonam Bhagat Shroff in court yesterday, the prosecutor said Poonam took the Bengali baba’s number from her mother Rajani Bhagat, which she had allegedly used to harm her husband Jaidev Shroff.

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Poonam Bhagat
Poonam Bhagat. File Pic

Yesterday, the arguments on Poonam’s ABA were concluded and kept for judgment for today. After alleging that Bhagat had procured the number from her mother, public prosecutor Iqbal Solkar said cops had even summoned Rajani to the police station to question her on the same. However, she failed to make an appearance.

Solkar added that Poonam’s custody is required to know the purpose behind the offence. Cops also want the other part of the conversation where Poonam said she has used some amount of substance in Jaidev’s water.

Stunt for divorce
In retort, Poonam’s lawyers Amit Desai and Pranav Badheka said the allegations [levelled by Jaidev] and the FIR registered against Poonam is a stunt to get a quick divorce. They also said there is no knowledge on who recorded the conversation between Poonam and Baba and the recording could be tampered with. “It is just a matrimonial dispute,” they added.

Desai said there is no evidence about the powdery substance, which was allegedly used to harm Jaidev. He was attending weddings, birthdays and going out with Poonam, even after she had purportedly mixed the said substance.

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Cops had also accused Poonam of absconding. Badheka replied to this allegation by saying no summons had reached them and as soon as they got to know about the case, they filed an ABA. Badheka added that Poonam was scared of Jaidev’s hold over everything, since he is a powerful man. “Should Poonam not be scared about such a maharathi (powerful man)?” he said.

Poonam should go to cops
Lawyer Aabad Ponda, who is representing Jaidev, questioned why Poonam is conducting herself in such a way if she has not done anything. She should go to the police and answer them. He reiterated the argument he had made at the April 22 hearing, which barred Poonam from entering Jaidev’s Bandra home and said there is a possibility that she might try to harm Jaidev again by herself or with the help of servants.

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