Prabhu Ice Cream

Jun 06, 2012, 08:53 IST | Dhara Vora

Many dessert lovers might believe that ice cream has divine roots but this is one ice cream joint that was actually started after an episode of divine intervention.

“We owned this place since 1942 and initially, it housed a tobacco shop. In spite of running a tobacco shop, my father would help treat people of addictions,” recalls Jitu Patel, who runs the two outlets of Prabhu Ice Cream with his brother Shailesh Patel. 

Because of the dilemma of earning bread without causing harm to someone, Ramjibhai Patel started thinking of an alternate means of livelihood. One day, he dreamt of selling ice cream; it convinced him that it was god’s message to follow the right path. Started in 1991, Prabhu Ice Cream continues to sell softies, slushes, sundaes, 32 ice cream flavours, thick shakes and their best-seller — ice cream sandwich; almost 200 of which are sold every day. 

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