Prateik pumps up

Apr 16, 2012, 07:33 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

When we ask Prateik if a great body in a woman turns him on, pat comes the reply, "Only a saint will say no to this question. And I am no saint (laughs)."

The young actor is known to be passionate about fitness, and his sculpted body in Ek Deewana Tha sent quite a few hearts racing. The handsome hunk speaks to CS about being fit:

Who: Prateik
What: Talks about his fitness regime

Fitness to me…
It is when you feel fresh even after a hectic schedule, it means eating healthy food, taking the right amount of sleep and healthy workouts. I make it a point to work out every day when I am not shooting. And I work out as many times as possible in a week, as working out regularly is a little difficult when you’re shooting night and day. While exercising, I like to concentrate on one body part at a time. I do two and a half hours of really intense weight training, and a round of light cardio. This is my regular work out regime. I love sports. Since I am very athletic, I am big on cricket and football. In fact, whenever I get the time, I play a little of football or cricket. I also love tennis. As a kid, I used to enjoy swimming too.

Body of labour
The journey to a great body is always very challenging and full of hard work. The major challenges that I faced in bodybuilding were losing the baby fat on my face and stomach. To get rid of that, I had to strictly stick to a healthy diet, train regularly and the worst of all, I had to stay away from all the food I loved. I follow a strict diet. I mainly eat green vegetables, meat, eggs and protein shake. Failing which, my work out gets disturbed. Though I feel like cheating on my diet pretty often, I rarely do it. I have a huge sweet tooth and absolutely love chocolates. I crave for anything tasty, which usually means fatty or junk food.

Fitness idols
I think Salman Khan, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Hugh Jackman and Bruce Lee have great bodies. These men have the body, brains and attitude as well. They are great role models for fitness enthusiasts. All these guys have worked hard throughout their lives to maintain their body, and build their overall stamina and endurance. Fitness is also a huge stress-buster for me. Besides, I do a lot of yoga and meditation for inner peace and stability.  

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