Prateik takes a vow of celibacy!

Sep 30, 2011, 11:33 IST | Divya Unny

Actor has take vow for two whole weeks, till the release of his next film 'My Friend Pinto'

Actor has taken a vow for two whole weeks, till the release of his next film 'My Friend Pinto'

People do a lot to make sure their film gets a good opening at the box-office. But what Prateik's aiming to do would take the cake, hands down.
The actor has taken a vow to stay off sex and alcohol, hold your breath, for two whole weeks! That is, till the release of his film My Friend Pinto.

While we think it's hardly a long enough period for a serious vow, the actor argues, "People go to all kind of lengths to make sure their film does well.

Some visit religious places to seek blessings, while some take a vow of giving up certain things. I have decided to go celibate!"

It certainly seems like a big deal for the newbie, considering reports about his blooming love life have been making the rounds for quite sometime now. 

It was recently reported that the actor is dating his next co-star, British model and actress Amy Jackson.
Though we're not sure whether he consulted her (or for that matter any other prospective girlfriends) before taking this call, it seems like he is dead serious about sticking to this resolution.

Adds a source, "This is Prateik's first solo release and obviously there is a lot of anticipation. He is quite nervous and so is doing everything possible to make sure people go and watch it."

Recently, he ditched desserts to get in shape, then alcohol and now sex. Prateik adds, "I am 24 and it's my test and I am sure I will pass it!"  What can we say, there's surely no way of checking if he's 'cheating'.

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