Prime Minister Narendra Modi asks ministers to set 100-day agenda

May 29, 2014, 17:05 IST | IANS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his Cabinet colleagues to set a 100-day agenda with focus on efficient governance, delivery and implementation of programmes

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked union ministers to focus on good governance and implementation, come up with a plan of action for the first 100 days and give quick response to representations from states and public representatives.

Narendra Modi

Briefing reporters after a meeting of the cabinet, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said the prime minister heard the ministers and gave suggestions on some issues.

He said Modi also asked cabinet ministers to take their ministers of states into confidence and give them adequate work.

"The prime minister said that the main issue was governance. That is the need of the hour and there is need to focus on it. He said delivery and efficiency is important and there was also need to pay attention to implementation (of government schemes)," Naidu said.

He said Modi told the ministers that there should be immediate response to representations from states.

"State proposals should not be kept pending for long. There is need to take states along," he said.

"The issues raised by MPs and by the people should also be viewed in all seriousness and resolved soon," Naidu added.

Modi, who served as Gujarat chief minister for over 12 years, had often complained about the indifference of the central government to some issues raised by his state.

Naidu said Modi was keen that the "spirit of federalism was followed".

"He (Modi) asked them (ministers) to prepare a time table for the first 100 days and decide on priorities," Naidu said.

He said departments had been asked to prepare a list of issues that were pending and to try and implement them.

Naidu said Modi will meet ministers and secretaries of various departments in the coming days.

Asked about the timeframe for the ministers to prepare an action plan for 100 days, Naidu said the prime minister had given his guidance and everyone knows the "mind of prime minister".

Modi's guidelines to ministers

Below are Prime Minister Narendra Modi's guidelines to his ministers to improve governance.

- Prepare a time-table for the first 100 days spelling out priorities.

- The main issue is good governance.

- Attention to efficiency in work and to delivery and implementation of programmes.

- Quick response to representations sent by states. State proposals should not be pending for long.

- Early resolution of issues raised by parliamentarians.

- Issues kept pending by the previous government should be implemented on priority basis.

- Cabinet ministers to take ministers of state into confidence and give them proper work.

- Union ministers to select their personal staff from the general pool.

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