Prostitutes in UK offering discounted sex to elderly

Sep 24, 2012, 15:24 IST | ANI

Prostitutes in South Yorkshire are plaguing pensioners by selling sex door to door for a discounted price of 2.50 pounds

According to complaints at police community meetings, the team of prostitutes are targeting vulnerable old men living in old folks’ bungalows.

Sex and relationships, Prostitutes in UK offering discounted sex to elderly

“They have been knocking on doors offering sex. One knocked on my door and when I answered she said, ‘Sorry, I’ve got the wrong place’,” the Mirror quoted one woman as telling the police officers.

“The going rate is 2.50 pounds. What sort of girl would do such a thing?” she said.

One elderly resident on The Oval estate in Conisbrough, south Yorkshire, said: “Yes, it is true there have been ladies of the night knocking on doors and offering sex for 2.50 pounds.

“The area is all flats and bungalows, and these women have been touring round looking for business.

“It’s been going on for about four weeks and it’s the talk of the village. It’s not happened to me because I live in secured accommodation,” the resident said.

Police said they knew of the problem and feared that the women may be checking out houses to commit burglaries or robberies.

PC Rob Scarrow, of South Yorkshire Police’s Mexborough Station, said, “We will try to educate residents not let them in.”

Sergeant Dave Jones, of Conisbrough Safe Neighbourhood Team, said, “If there are opportunists taking advantage of vulnerable people, we need to safeguard them.”

He also said that police were setting up neighbourhood watch scheme to solve the problem.

But it seemed as if some pensioners were not taking the threat too seriously.

“The old blokes round here think all their birthdays have come at once. They’re all joking that they are checking their pensions to see if they have got 2.50 pounds left, just in case,” one said.

“I just hope we can rid of these vultures before the men get their winter fuel allowance,” another said.

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