Public toilet caves in, leaves 4 in a mess

Oct 15, 2012, 06:28 IST | Akela

The men were left in a cesspit after the Ulhasnagar toilet attendant locked them in when the flooring collapsed

Four Ulhasnagar residents found themselves in a sticky situation last morning, quite literally, when the flooring of a public toilet caved in. Their streak of bad luck didn’t end just there, as they landed in a cesspit below and were stuck there for an hour after an attendant locked them in. 

Floor collapsed

The unfortunate incident occurred at 10 am when Mantoo Majhi (24), Umesh Chandel (23), Vijay Tiwari (25) and Manoj Sharma (24) lined up at the public toilet run by the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation at Kailash Colony, Ulhasnagar to answer nature’s call. All of a sudden, the flooring of the toilet caved in, leaving the four in a foul mixture of debris, urine and faeces.

Locals assist fire brigade officials in rescuing the four men
Shit happens: Locals assist fire brigade officials in rescuing the four men after they fell into the cesspit when the floor collapsed, and were locked in by the attendant. Pics/Navneet Barhate

An eyewitness recounting the incident, said, “The floor of the lavatory just collapsed probably owing to the weight of the people queuing up. When the floor gave way, the attendant working there, instead of helping the trapped men, locked the main door and ran away.”

The locals responded to their calls for help, and after an hour the fire brigade officials were able to extricate the men from their foul-smelling prison. The injured were rushed to a nearby private hospital. Majhi, who had suffered serious injury to his head and limbs, was later shifted to another hospital.

Speaking to MiD DAY, API Somdutt Khandare of the Hill Line police station said, “We will send our panchnama report to the sub-divisional officer and Tehsildar. The municipal corporation is the responsible authority and they are likely to take action against the contractor.”

“We have initiated an inquiry against the contractor. We will take action against him as per municipal rules,” said Yuvraj Bhadane, public relation officer (PRO), UMC.

The toilet was constructed on March 5 2008 by Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC).  

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