Pune: Now provide biometric data before getting a rail ticket

Jul 04, 2014, 07:58 IST | Anuj Ismail

After receiving several complaints about touts, railway authorities have planned to install biometric authentication system before ticket counters that will only allow booking of two tickets in a day

The next time you plan to buy a ticket from the reservation counter, be prepared to provide your biometric data. In order to curb tout menace at railways, authorities are planning to install biometric authentication system before the reservation counter. 

To book a ticket, one would have to first take a coupon from the system, by giving their thumb impression. The centralised biometric system will allow only two coupons per person per day. If anyone tries to book multiple tickets, the system will alert officials.

The centralised biometric system, which will be installed at selected stations, will allow only two coupons per person per day. File pic

Railway officials are planning to install eight biometric authentication systems at eight reservation counters of the city. In addition, officials are also planning to install 12 new CCTV cameras with advanced features at these biometric systems.

“We’ve received several complaints from passengers about touts, after which we decided to install biometric authentication system at eight reservation counters. The system will take a thumb impression of the person and generate a coupon. People can book tickets only if they have the coupon. The authentication system will alert authorities immediately about anyone who is trying multiple attempts,” informed Sunnet Sharma, divisional railway manager.

Yogendra Kumar Singh, PRO of Pune railway division, said, “Apart from the biometric authentication system, we will also install CCTV cameras at all the eight locations that will help us nab touts. Strict action will be taken against them.”

President of Railway Pravasi Group, Harsha Shah has welcomed the move by the railways, “Tout menace has been increasing because of which the common man is suffering. The new technology can be a boon, only if officials insure that they take strong action against them.”

Stations where system will be  installed
Pune railway station (2),  Shivajinagar railway station  Pimpri railway station,  Deccan reservation counter,  Aundh reservation counter,  Camp reservation counter and Swargate reservation counter  

Rs 1.5lakh
Cost of installing one biometric authentication system

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