Rains to keep fishermen indoors, up fish prices

Jun 07, 2013, 07:00 IST | Nigel Buthello and Iram Siddique

As members of the fishing community have opted not to venture out into the choppy seas during the rains, the supply of fish will be affected, causing the prices to soar

Fish lovers in the city may have to dig deep into their pockets to savour their favourite fish this monsoon, as the prices will soar with the onset of the rains. The reason: fishermen won’t be venturing out into the choppy seas. Like every year, this year too, officials from the Regional Meteorological Department have issued warnings to the fisherfolk informing them of the certain days that the seas would be rough.

Some fisherfolk said that to meet the demands of fish from the public, it would be sourced from places such as Jamnagar and Rajapur

Ajay Kumar, one of the directors of Regional Weather Forecasting Cell, said, “We send out a 24-hour warning to all fisherfolk on the days that venturing out into the seas could be dangerous. Our responsibility is to warn them as they would be endangering their lives.” As a result, members from the fishing community will not be risking going into the seas as often as they do usually, thus affecting the supply of fish. This will have a severe effect on the prices of fish throughout the city.

Empty docks
Ferry Wharf and Sassoon Dock, the city’s premiere docks, from where most of the fish is brought in will remain shut when the seas are choppy. “At present, we have four boats which come in every week. However, once the warnings are issued, we will not venture out into the sea,” said a fisherman. He also claimed that even though the supply of fish will stop from here, fish would be brought in from places such as Jamnagar and Rajapur to meet demands. 

Another fisherman told MiD DAY that the smaller trawlers might fish in local waters and that the community would try their best to maintain a steady supply of fish. When asked about the prices, Daulat Chaudary, a fisherman, said, “The price of various fish increases depending upon their demand in the market. The price of fish during the monsoons generally doubles.”

Costly taste

But, hoteliers say that the rise in price of fish will not be transferred to their patrons nor would it affect their business. “The prices in the retail market may rise and the supply of certain fish may be less, however, this will not affect my business or our prices. Both will be the same, and will not face any change,” said a manager of a hotel. Arvind Shetty, president of Association of Hotel and Restaurants (AHAR), said, “The supply of fish is sure to become less and the prices will rise a little. However, this might not affect business as much. But, fresh fish that is generally preferred by hotels and restaurants will be difficult to come by.” 

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