Raise the bar at Bandra's Ground Zero

Feb 02, 2014, 09:49 IST | Phorum Dalal

Orange Caprioska, cool mocktails, thin-crust pizza and soft-cushioned sofas -- Ground Zero, the new bar at Bandra's C'est La Vie that opens its doors tonight, is the perfect antidote to a hard day. We also love the iconic lines from Mario Puzo’s Godfather that dot the walls here

After a long day’s work, all you want is to do is crash on a sofa, watch some television and enjoy some good food and drinks. You needn’t head home for this. Make your way to C’est La Vie’s new bar, Ground Zero at Bandra, with a bunch of friends and slump into its super comfy seating. And if you’re in the mood to make some new friends, there’s a community table with high chairs, too.

We walk into the bar on a Wednesday, while it is still conducting trials, and are surprised to see a group of college-goers, dancing in full swing. “They just came in and requested whether they could hang around,” smiles Adrian, the operations manager. We can see that the place is already buzzing before its official launch. The bar, which opens to public today, has replaced the banquet hall that used to host birthdays and parties.

Pomergranate Martini at Ground Zero, the new bar at C’est La Vie, Bandra

Once we settle in, we let the manager choose our course for the evening. My first sip is of Tender Berry (Rs 250), a mocktail with strawberry crush, grenadine and double cream. The pink drink is not too sweet and for the teetotalers, the mocktails menu has a whole lot in store. We also try My Passion (Rs 200), containing passion fruit, orange and pineapple juices, mixed with Sprite and crushed ice. This fruity drink is ideal to refresh your mood and pep you up for the evening.

For our growling stomach, there’s Jalapeno Poppers (Rs 200) and Chicken Wings (Rs 250). They seems like the usual suspects, which they are not. The poppers, unlike the cheesy overdoses at restaurants, with miniscule pieces of jalepenos, come with the entire chilli with a stuffing. The covering is crusty, crunchy and we can’t get enough of this classic with a twist.

The chicken wings are tender, well cooked and cooked in an oriental spicy sauce. Next, we try Pomegranate Martini (Rs 425) and Orange Caprioska (Rs 425). We cannot decide which one is better. While the martini is sweet, smooth and strong, the caprioska is citrusy, daring and innovative.

The entire chilli is stuffed with cheese in Jalapeno Poppers

For company, there’s the fiery pizza, Pepper Chilli Mushroom Pizza (Rs 325). Be warned, the slices are loaded with hot peppers and will wreck havoc on your palate. But, surprisingly, we can’t get enough of its dense flavours. This one’s an out and out winner, compared to the Barbeque Chicken Pizza (Rs 350), which is more subtle in its flavours. The crust of both, however, is crunchy and wafer-thin. We like!

It also serves a tempting variety of pizzas

The bar menu also serves single malts and scotches and all the usual suspects, keeping the old-school, less adventurous regulars happy. For domestic vodka, there is Invincible, a house vodka, and the list of domestic whiskies includes Masters’ Imperial, a house spirit. Not in the mood for a heavy main course, we order Paneer Bhurji (Rs 250), which almost topples the finger-licking, buttery dish served at roadside joints.

We love the bar for its chilled-out vibe, the comfortable seating and of course, the jalapeno poppers.

We cannot rate the experience, as it was a preview

Service: Friendly
Ambience: Woody
Drinks: Fruity
Food: Appetising
At: Ground Zero, C’est La Vie, Bandra
Call: 30932030

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