Rameez's body exhumed amid high security

Sep 18, 2012, 10:03 IST | Shiva Devnath

A Rapid Action Force team and local police watched over the proceedings at the Yari Road cemetery and sent the body to hospital for post mortem

The body of Rameez Chougle, one of the siblings who died mysteriously in Versova over two months ago, was exhumed yesterday morning, in order to ascertain the cause of his death.

Officials transport
Searching for answers: Officials transport the remains of Rameez from Yari Road cemetery 

The Versova police had acquired the suburban collector’s permission to exhume Rameez’s body on August 27, after an expert medical panel comprising four doctors recommended in their recently submitted report that a fresh post mortem be conducted to ascertain the actual cause of death.

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Cops then sought permission from the local tehsildar and health department, following which the body was exhumed at 9 am from the Yari Road cemetery where Rameez had been buried.

A team from the Rapid Action Force, police personnel in three vans, and prominent residents gathered at the cemetery, to prevent the entry of strangers at the spot.

An ambulance was allowed inside to transport the body to the hospital. Rameez’s father Gayasuddin Chougle was called to the police station to sign papers allowing the body to be taken into police custody and sent for a post mortem. Four hours after exhumation, the body was taken to JJ hospital.

“We will request the authorities to conduct the procedure as early as possible and submit the report on the cause of death within 15 days,” said an officer from Versova police station. The post mortem report of Rameez’s sister Rehab that arrived recently confirmed she died due to Phosphine poisoning. Traces of the lethal chemical Aluminium Phosphide were found in her stomach and lungs.

“There was no clarity on the cause of Rameez’s death, as no post mortem was conducted on his body at all. Things will become clearer on that front,” said the official.

Police officers also said that the siblings’ parents have submitted a written application asking for permission to return to Muscat after the exhumation is complete.

“We have given them permission verbally to leave the city after the procedure,” said the officer.

Siblings Rameez and Rehab had died mysteriously within 24 hours of each other on July 3, after pest control was conducted in their apartment. Both showed identical symptoms prior to death.  

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