Rani Mukerji's 'Mardaani' to finally air on television

Oct 15, 2014, 13:55 IST | Bharati Dubey

'Mardaani' has been cleared by the CBFC for the small screen audience with a few 'adult' scenes being toned down

Rani Mukerji's last outing garnered accolades from the audience and critics alike but became a bone of contention among the examining committee members of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) as far as airing it on television was concerned.

Rani Mukerji played a tenacious cop in Mardaani
Rani Mukerji played a tenacious cop in Mardaani 

Some of them felt that Mardaani, which had some adult content, was unfit for the TV audience. Considering this difference of opinion, the film was sent to the Board's revising committee, which has cleared it with a U/A certificate and a cut.

Nandini Sardesai of the revising committee said, "We have cleared the film with a U/A certificate and have asked them to tone down a nude scene by about 50 per cent."

A source said two members of the examining committee were against certification of the film for television while three others agreed for U/A certificate with a few cuts here and there. This resulted in the film being sent to the revising committee which watched the film on Monday evening.

It is learnt that the producer of the film had only made about nine cuts over 52 seconds. Mardaani, which dealt with child trafficking, is the first Yashraj film to get an A certificate. The producers had tried convincing CBFC that the film needed to be seen by children aged 12 and above but the request was turned down.

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