Ranveer Singh's fitness mantra? Say no!

Mar 13, 2012, 07:03 IST | Dhara Vora

... To rice, roti, bread, pasta, noodles! Dhara Vora speaks to the Band Bajaa Baaraat star to find out what it else it takes to look as good as he does

... To rice, roti, bread, pasta, noodles! Dhara Vora speaks to the Band Bajaa Baaraat star to find out what it else it takes to look as good as he does

When everyone first saw Bittoo Sharma in the 2010 hit Band Bajaa Baaraat (BBB), no one guessed that the bread-pakora-loving, enterprising 'Delhi boy' was actually from Mumbai. The theatre student from Indiana University, Bloomington, in the United States' portrayal of a street-smart Dilliwallah won him several awards and countless fans, including the Filmfare award for Best Debut. A star was born!

His next film, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl (LVRB), saw him con several pretty ladies on screen, and left fans swooning in the famous beach scene in which Ranveer walked on sand sans shirt -- the film might have starred four women, but it was the 26-year-old Ranveer that proved to be the real eye candy. 

Walking on the beach without a shirt might have looked effortless, but the actor had to undergo months of rigorous training and observe strict dietary restrictions to achieve his ripped torso. Currently on location shooting for his third film, Lootera, alongside Dabangg's Sonakshi Sinha, Ranveer Singh lets us in on the secrets to a superstar body.

What's the first thing you eat when you wake up in the morning?
Every character has different demands, in terms of the character's physicality. There are instances when in the same film you are supposed to have two or three different types of physicality. Diet plays a major role. Hence, it's never fixed, but I have eggs cooked with a little salt and pepper for sure.

The number of eggs depends on the diet. Along with eggs, I have fruits and dried fruits, especially almonds, which are a staple. For my meat intake, I either have turkey or chicken slices. When I have to consume more calories, I include a toast, more almonds, fruits and juice and lots of chicken slices. I ensure that have fruits with a low Glycemic Index (GI), so no watermelon and bananas. I have apples, pears and oranges. Sometimes, I also include a bowl of oats.

Any diet rules?
I don't eat a lot of carbohydrates. I follow a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. My carbs come from fruits and vegetables. I do not eat rice, roti, bread, noodles or pasta. Sometimes, I have a craving for rice and rotis, but I think that white rice is a big killer. The minute I eat white rice, it starts showing up on my body. I do miss it, though, as it means no Chicken Fried Rice, no Chicken Biryani or Mutton Biryani. My lunch and dinner includes approximately 90 gm of lean meat (chicken, fish or mutton), a bowl of vegetables (cut or stir fried) or sabzi or sprouts.

What are some healthy snacks that you recommend?
I snack on dried fruits, almonds and walnuts and a protein shake sometimes.

Who cooks your meals?
I used to cook when I was in university. It was a standing joke that the Butter Chicken I cooked, was better than the one served at the only Indian restaurant in the city. We used to substitute tortillas for roti. I was a good cook, because with a good amount of butter everything tastes good.

Fortunately, I have a cook at home. Every time I start a new diet or a training regime we have a meeting between my valet, mother, trainer, cook and myself. I carry my dabba to set.

Tell us a little about your workout regime?
I am an endomorph -- someone who has the tendency to put on weight -- so bulking up comes easy but loosing weight is difficult. For Band Bajaa Baaraat, I needed a physique that trainers in the city call a 'chor body' and trainers abroad call a 'beach body'. That means if the guy is wearing a tee you can't see anything, but if he removes it, you can see that he is fit. I had to undergo three months of functional training, which mainly involves a lot of free-hand exercises, and is about core strengthening and lifting your own weight.

The duration of my training was 45 minutes including a 10-minute warm-up and a 20-minute workout with a break in between. The key lies in doing everything at a rapid pace, High Intensity Training (HIT). The regime included dips, thrusters, pushups, pull-ups and burpees. You have to give all you have in those 20 minutes. It used to be so strenuous that I even vomited sometimes and after the routine I had to lie on my back for five to ten minutes to recover.

It's very difficult to get a six-pack, you have to prepare months in advance and two/ three days prior to the shoot one has to drastically control the intake of food and water.

What do you do when you do not have access to a gym?
I use a theraband, used for physiotherapy for shoulder presses, free squats, and do pull-ups using door frames. I also lift suitcases.

What are your weaknesses?
I have a weakness for chocolates and sweets in general. Most times, I eat something sweet after every meal. When my diet gets stricter I give strict instructions in the house to hide all the sweets. My valet Sudama Chauhan sits on my head if I cheat. He'll complain to my director, mother, trainer if I cheat.

Fitness life lessons?
I was chubby as a kid, and started lifting weights to lose weight when I was 16. Looking back, I would say wait until you are 19 or 20. Swim, cycle, run, or play a sport instead. Also, drink a lot of water; it helps cleanse your system.

What keeps you motivated?
I feel much more confident when I am fit. The results keep me motivated.

Role models in the industry?
Akshay Kumar is my role model. He is very fit. I have heard that if he has a 6 am shoot, he wakes up at 4 am to work out. Salman was one of the first guys to have a good body, so thanks to him for setting the trend. Hrithik too, I remember when Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai came out; it was a turning point for fitness in India. More people wanted to go to the gym.

In Hollywood, Christian Bale. If you see him in The Machinist and then in American Psycho you can see the amount of effort that he has invested in his transformation.

Amongst the women, Anushka Sharma has the best body in Bollywood. We have done two films together, so we used to workout together sometimes. She works really hard and is extremely strong and also has a high metabolism. Trimurti of being fit: eat right, sleep right and train hard.

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