Rape capital? Spurt in crimes against women in Delhi, rape cases up 30%

Jan 02, 2015, 19:49 IST | Agencies

Delhi has witnessed an 18.3 per cent rise in crime against women in 2014 as compared to 2013, with a whooping 31.6 per cent rise in rape cases and molestation cases registering a jump of 25 per cent

New Delhi: Delhi witnessed a steep rise in crime against women in 2014 with the number of rape cases growing by more than 30 per cent while cases of molestation registering a jump of around 25 per cent as compared to 2013.

The analysis of the data available with police also revealed that nearly 96 per cent rapes were committed by an acquaintance of the rape survivor or her family members.

Only in 4 per cent cases were strangers found to be involved.

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In the year 2014 (up to 15th December), 2069 rape cases were reported as compared to 1571 cases in the corresponding period of the year 2013.

4179 cases of molestation of women were reported during the year 2014 (upto 15th December). Out of these, as many as 67.17 per cent cases have been solved. All complaints received in police stations pertaining to rape, molestation of women and eve-teasing have been dealt with on priority, data released on Friday by Delhi Police revealed.

"95.94 per cent of the rape cases reported to police have been committed by accused known to the victim or her family. Special care was taken in respect of investigation of rape cases and emphasis was given on collecting scientific
evidence. Women Police officers were preferably assigned the investigation," said a senior police official.

Speaking at the annual press conference of Delhi Police, Commissioner B S Bassi said, "One of my foremost concerns
during the year 2014 has been the safety and security of women in Delhi. A number of steps have been taken by Delhi Police in this regard and a few were listed out by me last year."

While continuing to sustain those measures, newer path breaking initiatives have been taken during 2014. Crimes against women are monitored on a regular basis by the method of crime mapping. Consequently, approximately 80 per cent of cases of crime against women are being worked out within first fortnight of the reporting of an incident.

The top cop also emphasised on the need of teaching self defence techniques to women so that the physical capacity gap between them and men can be bridged.

Bassi said that the women recruits of Delhi Police will now be given a complete year-long unarmed combat training so
that when they walk out of the academy all of them are brown belt.

"We are also planning to rope in all the right minded and trained people from the general public for imparting
self-defence training to women," he said. 

"Crime against women is a blot on our social order. A society that claims to revere and respect women has not been
able to fully tame men with criminal mind set. 

Is Delhi not safe for women? 

Staggering 14,687 cases were registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) up to Dec 15, 2014, up from 12,410 in the previous year.

Police data also revealed that 2,069 cases of rape were registered in 2014 compared to 1,571 cases in 2013.

Of the rape cases, 420 accused were the neighbours of the victims. A total of 919 accused were friends or family friends, 283 people were relatives, 66 were employers or co-workers and 298 were otherwise known to the victim. Only 84 accused were strangers in the all rape cases.

In 586 of the rape cases, accused were in live-in relationship or they refused to marry the victim. 

A total of 4,179 molestation cases were reported in 2014 against 3,345 were reported in 2013.

The cases of harassment stood at 1,282 in 2014 compared to 879 in 2013, while the cases of dowry death touched 147 in 2014 as compared to 137 in 2013.

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