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Mar 16, 2015, 08:33 IST | Suprita Mitter

Doodle with Theatre is a workshop where a theatre artiste will stimulate the mind and body through theatre and exercises along with role-play, improvisation and drama

In a two-day workshop, actor Mohit Sharma and his team will attempt to help people from all walks of life to get to know themselves better. The workshop, though, will not involve any actual doodling, with pen and paper, as we know it.


"Many of us doodle unconsciously, at the most unlikely places and unexpected times. We are connected yet disconnected at such times. This is exactly what we will attempt to do through this workshop. The idea is to help people understand others while understanding themselves," explains Sharma, who believes that theatre has the potential to change lives.

"So many people ask me, how do I remember so many dialogues, perform two shows a day and play so many types of characters. These exercises help me. The workshop is not just for theatre professionals but for everybody. Theatre has a lot of potential to help people connect with themselves. We will use nature’s best gifts — the mind and the body. It’s like how we take a short holiday or a weekend break to rejuvenate ourselves," he explains.

The workshop will use sound, music, speech, physical and mental exercises along with imagination and games. It will help break blocks and barriers, improve inter-personal skills, enhance problem-solving and teach team-building techniques.

"One of the games we play is by placing a pen between two participants and asking both of them to build a story around the pen. The rule is that you can use the pen as anything except its actual form," he shares.

"We are aware that you cannot change personalities in a two-day workshop but we are trying this out. If the workshop does well, we intend to make it a regular feature," he signs off.

On: March 14 and 15, 12.30 pm to 3 pm (both days)
At: 50-A, Huma Mansion, Chuim Village Road, Khar Danda, Khar (W).
Call: 26056087
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