Relationship: 4 traits in men that can turn-off women

Apr 20, 2016, 15:44 IST | A correspondent

Recent researches reveal four deal-breakers for women when pursuing romantic relationships

Looks are everything: Some say looks aren't everything. But, a recent study conducted on the dating preferences of women revealed otherwise. Researchers found that most women chose men with attractive physical attributes as potential dates and were willing to embark on a romantic or physical relationship with them.

Relationship: 4 qualities in men that can turn-off women
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Unkempt? Not my type! A well-groomed man, who keeps himself and his surroundings clean, orderly and well-organised will have no problem in finding a female companion. Recent studies have seemingly established that women don't seem to go for unruly men, who live an unhealthy lifestyle. So for the men reading this remember: shower regularly and wear a clean shirt to bag a date!

Be a gentleman: Want to sweep her off her feet? Then be on your best behaviour. Recently conducted researches have found that any unsavoury personality traits are a total turn-off for women. So the key is to be nice, gentlemanly and polite.

Be on top of the ladder: Women like a man, who is financially secure with a good social standing. So, aiming for that big promotion and working hard to get there won't be a bad idea.

Pluses outweigh the minuses
Women observe the negative qualities in men than the positive ones. Even a man, who has two negative qualities in spite of having several positive traits, it is enough for the woman to avoid a romantic relationship with him.

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