Restaurant review: A 'Happi' eatery in Khar

Oct 13, 2014, 07:54 IST | Kanika Sharma

Me So Happi is a looker. It's a sprawling restaurant in Khar, Mumbai with multiple cuisines on the roster. Plus, it intends to go all out as a café by day, pub by night

Me So Happi
Food: Good
Service: Warm
Ambiance: Intriguing

A voice cloud pops at you at the glimmering Khar Linking Road these days. It's the tinkle-y light thanks to the suspended bulbs and the conspicuous bar stool-high seating that grabs the eyeballs. The surprise lies in the fact that such an alluring place is not brimming with people already.

Me So Happi - Meat on Top is highly in demand as per the chef
Meat on Top is highly in demand as per the chef

It's new and barely two weeks old. Our happy-go-lucky server tells us that it's more of a soft opening as of now. The décor is a medley of all things chic — industrial ceiling and walls, Victorian chairs elevated to the height of bar stools, clunky wooden tables that one associates with English pubs, and a chalkboard wall with space invaders from the '90s illustrated. It goes with the zany vibe, we think. The chequered and Victorian tiled floor contrasted with pop products (like a pink bunny) does the trick.

Me So Happi is the first dine in venture by the Arambhan Group that is into catering and hospitality.
Me So Happi is the first dine in venture by the Arambhan Group that is into catering and hospitality. Pics/shadab khan

The menu has a similar assorted logic — soups, appetisers, mains, sandwiches (called Between Breads!), burgers, grilled items and a category called Releasing Today — probably their specials. We ordered a California Smoothie, Lemonade, and a Ferrero Rocher Shake to begin with. Still skimming through the menu, what really caught our attention was a Spicy Spinach and Crazy Bhindi sandwich, which for some reason we couldn't stomach as an idea.

The Big Bad Meanie requires one to stretch their jaws to bite
The Big Bad Meanie requires one to stretch their jaws to bite

We summoned happi-ness with a Big Bad Meanie (Rs 425), Chicken Cordon Bleu (Rs 400) and a Meat On Top (Rs 400); the last was from the Releasing Today section and as per our attendant, the kitchen's best bet. A couple of glugs of the Smoothie and its intelligent pairing of pear and avocado mixed with yogurt, honey and vanilla extract hit us. The Ferrero Shake was the usual and will only impress devout chocoholics. Also, the lemonade was sour, when we had asked to make it a mix of sweet and salt — a disappointment, which was rectified.

The Ferrero Rocher Shake will sate a chocoholic’s cravings
The Ferrero Rocher Shake will sate a chocoholic's cravings

The Big Bad Meanie stuffed with lamb, caramelised onions, bacon and mushroom was a mishmash but yum for those who like them sloppy. One would  literally have to stretch their jaws to sink their teeth into this gigantic burger. Chicken Cordon Bleu looked like a crackling dish but the chicken and the crust came apart the moment you forked in. The dish had its moments with a palatable mayonnaise to boost but considering the amount and the recipe's reputation, it can be a downer for those who are yearning for something memorable.


The bone of contention arrived with Meat On Top — a layer of meat, mushrooms and mashed potatoes a la trifle style. The lamb with its sauce lacked the viscosity to bind it together as a dish. Scoop in and either you get the lamb or the potatoes while the poor diner rummages for textures in the mouth. We asked for rice to savour it, at the least. The lamb's succulence beckoned bites but by the base of the dish, we dug into a salty terrain.

Clearly, there is a great deal of thought that has gone into the menu (Bunny Chow — South African dish that has a scooped out loaf of bread with the inside filled with curry or P.Nutts Oats Smoothie) and the décor. However, the kitchen needs to sparkle and snap when it comes to flavours to carry out the place's designs of donning the role of a café in the day and a pub (liquor license awaited) by night.  

At: Kusum King, Linking Road, Khar (W).
Call: 26487260
Me So Happi didn't know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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