RGV and I have patched-up: Manoj Bajpai

Jan 21, 2013, 08:36 IST | Kunal M Shah

Buzz is that old foes Ram Gopal Varma and Manoj Bajpai have resolved their differences

It appears that the hostility between Ram Gopal Varma and Manoj Bajpai has fizzled out. Industry insiders say that both the filmmaker and actor have sorted out their differences and are now in constant touch with each other.

Manoj Bajpai

Those close to the two say that Manoj is now open to working with RGV and it would be no surprises if the two even soon announce a film together!

Ram Gopal Varma

Manoj says, “We patched up. I am no more the angry Manoj Bajpai that I used to be. I am grateful to Ramu for making my career. He had belief in me. We did have issues with each other but they have now been sorted. Ramu even messages me when he sees my films or promos. We compliment each other.”

The actor doesn’t rule out working with Ramu again. He says, “Whenever we agree to any script, we will surely work together.”

In the past
Ramu and Manoj have worked in several films like Satya, Shool, Kaun and Road. Their fall-out happened when RGV wanted Manoj to play the role of Sambha in his remake of Sholay while the actor wanted to play the role of Veeru. The meeting turned ugly and Ramu admitted being disappointed with Manoj and that he would never work with him. Manoj too admitted to their differences. 

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