RGV ropes in a girl for his film inspired by Bruce Lee

Aug 15, 2013, 08:59 IST | Jigar Shah

Surprisingly, it's a girl and not a boy who will be the 'hero' of Ram Gopal Varma's next inspired by Bruce Lee

Known to be a worldwide symbol of machismo, the late martial arts star Bruce Lee is said to have inspired Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film. But what’s interesting is that instead of a male actor, it’s a female newbie who will be leading the film. Known for his killer moves and well-muscled body, we wonder if Ramu’s new find can really do justice to Lee’s legacy.

Ram Gopal Varma Bruce Lee
Ram Gopal Varma and Bruce Lee

Says a source, “RGV has begun shooting his next which is based on Lee’s philosophy and his stunts. Everyone was surprised when RGV decided to rope in a girl for the film.” Insiders say the newbie is from Pune and has trained in martial arts since years. Apparently she can even throw a kick as high as six feet.

The source adds, “The girl will be trained by Kanishka Sharma, an expert in Shaolin wu gong, Kungfu toa, Muay chaiya, Muay Thai , Sanshou and Jeet kune do-Inosanto kali.” Ramu apparently is zealously guarding the identity of his discovery. His previous finds like Antara Mali and Nisha Kothari didn’t exactly have a joy ride in Bollywood after looking elsewhere for work. 

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