Rohan Sippy re-invents old tracks for 'Nautanki Saala'

Mar 01, 2013, 08:04 IST | IANS

Director Rohan Sippy, who used a peppier version of old number "Sabse bada rupaiyaa" in "Bluffmaster", has now used new avatars of two more evergreen numbers in his film "Nautanki Saala"

He has used the classic "Dhak dhak", and says it fits a specific situation in the movie perfectly.

Rohan Sippy

"It was a very apt song because both the characters' heart go 'dhak dhak' and there is a romantic confusion in the film. It was a very apt song. Bhushan Kumar (producer) gave me this idea," Sippy said here in an interview.

"We have grown up listening to this song and when it was re-invented by Mikey McCleary, it suited our film perfectly. The idea was to have fun with a real classic song," he added.

The film also has another classic - "So gaya ye jahaan" from "Tezaab".

"I had first used 'Sabse bada rupaiyaa' in 'Bluffmaster' seven years back. There is another remix in this film, which is amazing. There is a great song which we have remixed.

"We have used 'So gaya ye jahaan' from 'Tezaab'. Earlier, we had shot some other song, but this one fits perfectly," said Bhushan Kumar.

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunal Roy Kapur, "Nautanki Saala" hits theatres April 12.

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