Rooftop travel lands teens in hospital

Aug 05, 2012, 09:33 IST | Milana Rao

Three teenage boys were electrocuted on Friday night after travelling on the rooftop of a Virar-bound fast train. Admitted to Byculla's Masina Hospital, two are stable while seventeen year-old Mohammed Abbas is on the ventilator

Three boys from Dongri got electrocuted on Friday night while they were travelling on the rooftop of a Virar-bound fast local train. The incident occurred at around 10.17 pm on platform number four at Bandra station. When one of the boys travelling atop the train tried to touch the overhead wire with his footwear, all three teenagers got electrocuted.

The names of the boys who got electrocuted are Mohammed Abbas Sarfaraz Raoji (17), Daniel Anwar Firoz Ramsi (17), and Naushad Abdul Razaq Ansari (17).

VR Dhopawakar, Senior Inspector, Bandra police station, said, “The three boys were first admitted to Bhabha Hospital but were later shifted to Masina Hospital in Byculla. Abbas who has suffered the maximum burns is still unconscious and is on the ventilator, while the other two have suffered comparatively fewer burns.”

Dr Arvind Vartak, who is currently treating the three boys at Masina Hospital said, “Abbas has suffered 41 per cent deep burns and is currently on the ventilator. Daniel and Naushad have suffered 8 to 10 per cent deep burns and they are out of danger.” An inconsolable Anwar Firoz, Daniel’s father, said, “The news came as a shock to me. When I reached the hospital to see him, I couldn’t recognise my son.”

A friend of the boys who were electrocuted said on condition of anonymity, “I am shocked. I never never thought that the they would risk their life by travelling on the rooftop.”

“We appeal to the media to create awareness among youngsters that they should not risk their life by travelling on the rooftop,” added Mirza (he did not share his last name), one of Abbas’ uncles.

The three boys are residents of Dongri and are neighbours. 

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