RTO to begin online bookings for driving licence tests

Jul 02, 2014, 07:08 IST | Anuj Ismail

To streamline the driving licence test process, the transport authority has developed a software which will allow candidates to book a date and time slot

Those planning to appear for their driving licence test at the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) will soon be able to book their dates and time slots online. In two weeks from now, Pune RTO will be launching their pilot project Sarthi, which will help streamline the entire driving licence process.

Pune RTO
Time saver: With the online system in place, candidates will not have to make a beeline at the RTO and the transport staff can save up to five minutes per candidate. File pic

The software developed by the RTO will give candidates the valuable option to book their dates and time slots as per their convenience. If this project is successful, the online system is expected to extend to 50 RTOs across the state.

With this new development, candidates will not have to stand in long queues waiting for their turn, and will only have to complete the document verification process and biometric test.

Deputy regional transport officer, Anil Patil, said, “We have started taking appointments for the driving tests on trial basis since last week. As of now, we are booking slots for 10 candidates everyday, and based on the results, we are providing feedback to the team in Bengaluru who are working on the software.”

Patil added, “With the help of the software, candidates will be able to make their appointments round the clock. The appointment slots will be open for 15 days at a time. Candidates will be able to book the date and time as per their convenience. We will be launching the project in two weeks.”

Besides saving the candidates time, the online system will also save the time of RTO staffers who have to key in the details of the candidates manually. Every day, more than 500 candidates appear for the driving licence test at Pune RTO and with the online system in place, the RTO staff can save up to five minutes per candidate.

Pune Regional Transport officer, Jitendra Patil said, “We are planning to launch the online system for international driving licence permits and for renewal of commercial vehicles permits as well, so that the waiting time can be reduced.  By the end of October, we will have another online system in place.”

The number of candidates that appear for the driving licence test at Pune RTO daily

How it works

Log on to the website www.sarathi.nic.in. Fill the form online, tick the documents you will be submitting and select your date and time preferences. You can select any date within a time period of 15 days and a time slot as per your convenience.  As of now, the website will work only on Internet Explorer. The team is trying to get it working on other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well.

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