Rules to be followed during one night stands revealed

May 09, 2013, 13:01 IST | ANI

A one night stand can be fun if both parties follow a few simple rules, experts have claimed

While our motivations may be different as men and women, there is nothing wrong with two consenting strangers who decide to end a night with a little horizontal hula.

Both parties can still be empowered and have fun with a one night fling, however there is an etiquette that should be heeded.

Therapist and author Dr Ava Cadell says: “A one night stand with no-strings-attached can be an great way to add excitement and adventure to your single life. As long as you are honest with the person, understand the risks, and follow these rules of casual sex,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

It’s always better to be safe first then being sorry.

Cadell says it’s better to make sure someone else knows where you are and whom you are with.

Sex and relationships, Rules to be followed during one night stands revealed
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Always wear protection, as STIs are the last thing anyone wants to ask about, least of all get.

Open your mind and your mouth.

Be sure it’s not just the alcohol dictating your behaviour, as it’s an opportunity for both of you to have your sexual needs met.

Remember your one night stand can’t read your mind so use this as an opportunity to try new sexual activities you’ve fantasised about.

Foreplay is important, even during a one night stand.

Gentlemen, remember women need more stimulation to get revved up, passionate kissing, lots of touching and compliments are sure to boost her sexual confidence.

Have zero expectations. Don’t be upset if the experience is disappointing, dwell on an off night or fill your head with negative self-talk.

If they sneak out before the crack of dawn or don’t call the next day just remember you agreed at the outset that this was for one night only.  

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