Russian multimillionaire wants humans to become immortal by 2045

Jun 19, 2013, 10:36 IST | ANI

A Russian tycoon said that he is interested in developing a technology that will allow humans to outlive their bodies

32-year-old Dmitry Itskov has an aggressive timetable in which he would like to see his milestones toward his goal met.

He visions that by 2020 robots that can be controlled remotely with our brains will be built.

Russian multimillionaire wants immortal humans, Hatke news
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By 2025, he wants robot prosthesis that could replace an ailing, and perhaps dying body.

He wants that by 2035, there will be ability to move the mind into a computer, which will eliminate the need for the robot bodies to carry around wet, messy brains.

And by 2045, he wants artificial brains controlling insubstantial, hologram bodies, CBS News reported.

He said that he tries to eliminate his “selfishness” day by day, and has spent about 3 million dollars promoting his vision.

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