Saccharine sweet

Oct 07, 2011, 17:13 IST | Shubha Shetty Saha

Saccharine sweet

Love Breakups Zindagi

U/A; Romcom

Dir: Sahil Sangha

Cast: Dia Mirza, Zayed Khan, Cyrus Sahukar, Tisca Chopra

Stars: **

Love Breakups Zindagi is yet another romcom. Fortunately, it doesn't fall as flat as some of its predecessors. A sincere attempt by debut director Sahil Sangha, the film talks about three couples at various stages, and in different situations of romance.

Naina (Dia Mirza) is in a relationship with a workaholic who refuses to accept just how incompatible they are on all levels. Jai (Zayed Khan) is a happy-go-lucky-guy stuck in a sad relationship with a control freak of a girlfriend. Naina and Jai meet at a common friend's wedding and soon realise that they are attracted to each other. However, they are reluctant to disclose their feelings as both are already supposedly in love with other people.

Yes, the storyline is as predictable as it gets. And, it could have been a yawn-inducing fare throughout, if not for the breezy manner in which the whole film is handled.

Cyrus Sahukar plays Jai's friend, twice divorced but still a firm believer in the institution of marriage. He falls in love with Taara maasi (Tisca Chopra), a 38 year old who has the exact opposite view on tying the knot. This track had the potential of being more interesting than Naina and Jai's boring tale if given more screen time. Sahukar does a competent job. In fact, there is a scene between Boman Irani (who plays a retired army officer) and Sahukar that is easily the highlight of the film.

Dia Mirza puts in a sincere effort and looks very pretty too. Zayed Khan, comes with his boyish charm, but seems limited in heavy-duty emotional scenes. While the first half is slightly dull with its lethargic pace, the second half picks up with some fun moments. Every person in this film is wonderful and even when they are expected to, they don't have emotional outbursts. I think if life were as less dramatic as that, it would be a tad boring.

Having said that, there is a general warmth and camaraderie in the film, which can be infectious.  Slightly cheesy, but sure to be liked by the romantics who still believe in 'happily ever after'.


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