Sachin Tendulkar to attend 'Mai' music launch

Jan 22, 2013, 09:10 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Asha Bhosle has invited Sachin Tendulkar to launch the music of her acting debut

Prior to their film’s release, most B-Town folk seek all kinds of godly intervention for success in their endeavours. But legendary singer Asha Bhosle has gone a step further. She has invited the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar to launch the music of her Bollywood acting debut.

Asha Bhosle

Everyone knows the rapport the master blaster shares with Bhosle as well as her sister Lata Mangeshkar. They are his biggest fans and he respects them a lot. So for her big moment, Bhosle wanted no one but Tendulkar to release the music.

Sachin Tendulkar

Says a source, “It was entirely Ashaji’s idea to have Sachin at the event. She called him and requested him and he agreed to grace the event. She then told director Mahesh Kodiyal and producer Subhash Dawar and they were but naturally thrilled with the idea.”

Says Dawar, “Ashaji personally invited him to unveil the music of the film.”

In the past, Bhosle has stated that she would love to sing a duet with Tendulkar. Perhaps at the event he could hum a few lines with her! 

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