Savour a slice of Kashmiri paradise

Mar 12, 2013, 00:08 IST | The Guide Team

Marvel at the Kashmir-inspired collection (2012-13) � Farah Baksh � which will be chronicled into a journal filled with a journey of designs and inspiration from this scenic state. It will be launched today at the India Design Week

Evoking the intricacies of Kashmiri beauty, Good Earth brought forth an exquisite and ancient art as its annual collection of 2012-13 last year. Known by the name Naqashi, the papier mâché range of products evokes the ethereal splendour of Kashmir’s Shalimar Bagh.

The title Farah Baksh was given by Emperor Jahangir to these paradisial gardens. Good Earth designs imbibed the birds and flowers pattern creating an aura of wonder and delight that this art is known for and is at least half a millennium old. The journey of these designs has now got chronicled, as The Farah Baksh journal, which would be launched today at the India Design Forum’s Design Week. Stories, people and impressions — the journal has all the components that inspired the designers at Good Earth.

The Farah Baksh journal

Much like the pleasure gardens of Kashmir, this collection represents love, ecstasy and beauty like one’s relationship with the beloved as it was of Emperor Jahangir for his fair-haired Empress Nur Jehan. Get a behind-the-scenes perspective on their modern approach of vibrant colours that combined ornate motifs of Kashmir.

Beenu Bawa, one of the brains behind this idea, filled us in, “Creating this collection was such a joy, that we wanted to share our experience of Kashmir. So, we’ve created a journal that tells that story through our design eyes. In these pages you will discover our inspirations, process and journey.”

The journal takes one deep look into the tales of Mughal art, the emperors’ passion for architecture, reverence for poetry and their leisure time with saffron tea along with its precious recipe. The journal is the perfect place to pen one’s own journey, doodle inspiration or express love for his or her cherished one.

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