School suspends boy who was thrashed by PT teachers over long hair

Published: Dec 03, 2013, 06:16 IST | Akela |

After news of the assault hit headlines, the school sent Akshaan Jaisinghani back home with a note from the principal saying that he could not attend classes till the 'government probe' in the matter is over

Days after a 13-year-old boy alleged that two of his PT teachers had brutally thrashed him over his hairstyle, the management of the school has suspended him. In response to the boy’s allegations, the school principal, has alleged that the boy frequently threatened his teachers and inspired so much terror in them that they were afraid to ‘enter the class in his presence’.

13-year-old Akshaan Jaisinghani was admitted in a hospital in Kalyan after he was allegedly thrashed by his two PT teachers

Akshaan Jaisinghani, a Std VIII student of Sacred Heart School in Kalyan, had to be admitted to hospital after two of his PT teachers allegedly slapped, punched and kicked him because he did not stick to the school’s ‘hairstyle’ code. The Titwala police have registered an FIR against the teachers. (‘Violent PT teachers send Std VIII student to ICU over ‘long’ hair’,’ MiD DAY, November 30).

MiD DAY report on Nov 30

On Monday morning, Akshaan returned to school. The school management then informed his parents to take him back home, adding that he had been suspended. The school’s principal, Mrs Casendra Mendez, gave the boy his remarks book and asked him to leave the school premises.

According to Mendez’s remarks, the school management has demanded that the government authorities undertake a probe in the matter. The note goes on to bar Akshaan from attending classes till the probe is concluded. Mendez reiterates that Akshaan has not been cutting his hair according to the school rules, while 2,000 other students do so.

It makes a slew of allegations against the boy’s ‘violence and indisciplined behaviour’ and claims that he threatened to set his bodyguards on the students (see box). MiD DAY has obtained a copy of the letter. School sources told MiD DAY that on Saturday, the school’s administrator Albin Anthony held a meeting with all the students and made a public announcement about Akshaan’s suspension. “We are shocked. Since Akshaan has been suspended, he is not eating properly. He is in deep shock. We will approach the high court against the school,” said Anil, Akshaan’s father.

Principal’s letter to his parents
The letter addressed by the school principal to Akshaan’s parents in his remarks book has been reproduced verbatim

Dear Parent,

I and all the teachers are shocked at the pre-postrous and completely cooked up false allegations by Akshaan. My personal enquiry with Yasin sir, Sunita Shriyan teacher and students of the class has revealed nothing untoward have been remotely happened. You have been completely mislead by your son.

In fact students have reported continuous threats from Akshaan saying that he will get his bodyguards to beat them up. The teachers are afraid to enter the class in his presence. Hence they have refused to enter his class. We have also demanded thorough probe by the government authorities. Hence it is decided not to allow Akshaan in the class till this probe case gets completed and we get directions from the department.

We as a school always treated Akshaan’s continuous violence and indisciplined behaviour with firm but loving care. In fact, Akshaan’s mother has repeatedly implored all our staff not report his misconduct to his father to avoid brutal punishment from his father at home.

In spite of all continuous arrogant behaviour from Akshaan, we have always treated his behaviour with firm but love and concern. With deep pain and hurt. I request you to understand the sin Akshaan is committing and take the correct measures to ensure a good future for him.  

Akshaan is not cutting his hair according to the rules and norms of the school, were two thousand and above students are following. He is still not done the proper cut in the manner in which it is followed by the school since a decade.

I hope better sense will prevail.
With love and care
Mrs Casendra Mendez

The Other Side
Casendra Mendez, the principal, said, “I cannot talk. I am in hospital. My husband has been operated upon. Talk to Albin Anthony.” Anthony said, “On the request of our teachers, the management has asked Akshaan not to come to school as teachers fear that he can blame them. Teachers are not ready to go to class in Akshaan’s presence. The police inquiry is going on. I am installing CCTVs in all classes to avoid such incidents. Akshaan is misguiding his parents. If I find my staff guilty I will take strict action on them. All his allegations are false.” 

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