Self-govt makes strides at Deccan Gymkhana

Mar 11, 2013, 01:12 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Residents of Deccan Gymkhana are setting an example for fellow citizens to emulate by actively working with their corporators over the previous year.

The new local self-government in PMC reviewed the performance of the councillors as the residents conducted a meeting with the people’s representatives yesterday.

Citizens present over there said that instead of just performing the duty of voting and then expecting the corporators to work for development of the area, the residents themselves get involved in the process of resolving their problems and work along with the councillors on various fronts like solid waste management, stray dog menace, traffic problems etc. This initiative from residents has also boosted the morale of corporators Madhuri Sahastrabuddhe and Anil Rane who come from Bharatiya Janata Party and Maharashtra NavnirmanSena.

Swati Pednekar who looks after the issues of Solid Waste Management in the area said that as soon as the locals got their new representatives, they (residents) constituted a team and distributed the responsibilities among themselves.

“Instead of waiting for the corporators to make things happen, we started complementing them,” said Pednekar. Another resident Dr Sushma Date, who works for the stray dog committee in the area, said that the residents have embarked upon a new plan of befriending dogs and then sterilising them.
“Generally, the stray dogs run away when the PMC vehicle comes to trap them. Therefore, we have started befriending them and then hand them over to the corporation for sterilisation. We have succeeded with 113 strays in the last six months,” said Dr Date. Anil Rane calls the residents ‘third corporator’ from the area because of their contribution.

“The residents work as a pressure group, which also impels us to be aware about the issues locals are facing all the time,” the corporator said. BJP’s Madhuri Sahastrabuddhe said that such active participation from residents encourages her to work in a more constructive way.

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