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Jan 25, 2013, 01:04 IST | Hassan M Kamal

A new online commerce website not only allows you to sell a product on the Web, but also promotes it on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter

When you want to sell something who do you approach first? Mostly, it’s your friends. uses the same concept to help you sell a product to not just your friends connected to you through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts but also to those connected to your friends, and all of this is without any fee or payment.

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In this case, you are not limited by the geographical boundaries and you can sell your products to anyone around the globe. Of course, you will need to manage the logistics. Before making any assumptions or comparisons, let’s inform you that this isn’t a bidding site.

Once you’ve uploaded your product with details, explaining the quality and with a few pictures, it gives you two URL’s that can be shared on the Web — either through your blog, Facebook page or Twitter or on LinkedIn. But there’s a small hitch: all products, listed on the website have to be reviewed by an Administrator before the links become active. Without approval, you can’t sell any products.

The website claims that it will take 3-4 minutes, but in our case it took two hours. The problem, however, was resolved within minutes after we finally informed the company helpline. They assured us, it wouldn’t happen, again.

What gives an upper hand is the ease with which, you can promote your product on social networking websites by linking your account to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. So, here, you become the seller, directly. But to receive payments for your products, you need to have a Paypal account, which is free, and is an easy five-minute procedure.

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How to open a Paypal account
Log on to, and sign up. You can either choose for individual or business accounts. After choosing, you will need to submit a few details like name, address, PAN card number, debit/credit card number. After submitting the above details you can make payments.

But to receive payments, Indian regulations require you to submit additional details, which include a bank account number, and state the purpose of your sale (the products you wish to sell online).

The options may seem a little difficult to guess, but we suggest you opt for “Cross border delivery of goods and services” as this will enable you to sell your products outside India too. But before you accept anything, read the user agreement, carefully.

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