Sennheiser's Momentum headphones: Pricey gizmo, priceless sound

Apr 21, 2013, 06:28 IST | Nimish Dubey

They do not come at all cheap, but Sennheiser's Momentum headphones deliver staggering sound

Some might find the idea of shelling out Rs 25,000 for a pair of headphones a bit extravagant. But those who are up to the idea — especially if they have an iPhone or an iPod Touch handy — might cosy up to Sennheiser’s Momentum headsets. We mention the iPhone and iPod Touch in particular because the headphones have been designed keeping these worthies in mind, although they work with other phones and MP3 players too.

There’s no getting around it — these headphones ooze class. The headband connecting the two earcups is made of brushed steel and leather and the earcups themselves are made of very soft leather as well. They are well-cushioned and fit very snugly over one’s ears, keeping out a lot of the ambient sound, although we suspect some might find them just a bit on the heavy side (mind you, they look a lot heavier than they actually are — 190 gms).

Incidentally, the leather is sweat and water resistant, which makes these the perfect headphones to have in a hot, humid Indian summer. There are two cables, one of which is a plain vanilla affair and another that comes with a remote for iOS devices, as well as a microphone that lets you indulge in a bit of hands-free use. You can pack all of this into a hard carrying case to lug along if you wish — convenient, if bulky.

We, however, wager that anyone who invests in these headphones will ensure that they spend more time clammed on their ears than inside a box. For, the sound delivered by the Sennheiser Momentum is very good indeed, with bass being just right. Put an acoustic album on and you will seem to hear almost every string of the guitar being plucked and yes, those who like more percussion in their music will not be disappointed either.

You do not even need to turn the volume too high to enjoy greater clarity and even if you do, it is a fair chance that your neighbour will not hear you. Incidentally, there is no distortion at higher volume levels. They are comfortable, deliver great sound and are among the best designed headphones we have seen for a while. Worth Rs 25,000? Definitely.   

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