Servant steals photos of employer's wife, daughter

May 13, 2013, 07:46 IST | Sagar Rajput

A servant who robbed photographs of his employer's wife and daughter along with other valuables has been nabbed by the Ghatkopar police

The 28-year-old accused, identified as Shiva Shrusti Darjena, hails from Orissa and has been working in eight houses in the area for over five years. Officials are yet to identify his real motive behind stealing the women’s photographs.

According to officials, Darjena hid three bags in three different houses. He started stashing goods stolen from one apartment in a bag kept in another apartment, so that employers wouldn’t find out. The incident came to light after complainant Ravibhai Manilala Shah started suspecting Darjena, when he asked for leave just after a mobile phone and a ring had gone missing from his apartment. Shah reported the incident to the Ghatkopar police.

Following interrogations, Darjena confessed to the crime and informed the officials that he had kept two other bags in other houses where he worked. The police officials seized all the three bags and found four photographs of women, a gold necklace, ring and a mobile phone. Darjena said he had stolen the photographs as he wanted to show them to his wife, who been enquiring about people he worked for. The accused has been booked under Section 381 of the IPC and was remanded to judicial custody. 

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