Shahid Kapoor's colour code

Oct 11, 2012, 09:16 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Shahid Kapoor dresses for comfort and the actor himself admits to it. And when it comes to colours, he sticks to the basics.

CS caught up with the natty-dresser for a light-hearted chat where he spoke about his favourite colours and more:

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Context matters
My favourite colours are blue and green. As a kid, I always liked blue. I am a Piscean, so maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am supposed to be a fish kind of a person (smiles). I really like blue as a colour. For me, colours also have a lot to do with where I am seeing it. What I would want to see on a wall, on a car, on somebody when they wear clothes; it’s all different. I have a red sports car. The colour looks really cool on it, but I don’t know if I will wear full red or even if I will want a red wall in my house. It depends on what the colour is being used for.

Dressing for comfort
I am honestly not good with judging myself and deciding what looks good on me. Most of the times, I am told what looks good on me and I just follow that. And it’s nothing constant; always changing! Designers like to use different colours on actors and my designer is somebody who uses a lot of muted colours, especially on boys — deep greens, navys, blacks, beige or denims are always easy. And I am somebody who dresses for comfort, so you will never see me in loud colours.

Not too many colours please!
My house is predominantly white with black flooring, largely white furniture and one huge green wall, which I really like. I like colours in blocks, but I don’t like a room, which is cluttered with a lot of colour. I would want two or three basic colours and just use that as a theme for the house because it just feels minimalist and nicer. I don’t like too much colour thrown into a house. So, there will always be one or two major colours to break the basic of black and white and green in my house. For example, I have a red fridge, which is my favourite part of the house.

Filmi duniya
My favourite corner of the house is this area where I watch my films. My dog generally lies on top of my sofa with me and we both watch films. The kind of films I watch depends on my mood. Usually, I like to watch films that are entertaining. But sometimes I watch them to educate myself. But most of the times, I watch films that make me smile. I like a lot of dark films as well. I just saw the series of The Game Of Thrones – quite strong, expressive and violent, but very grungy and cool.  

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