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Apr 09, 2013, 01:06 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide chatted up with Sudam Biswas who is all set to represent the Asia Pacific region at the Global Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in Puerto Rico

Aspiring to be a big name in the distinctive field of bartending, Sudam Biswas, Bar Trainer from Mi A Mi at JW Marriott, is set to represent India on a global platform thanks to his innovative skills in bar-training. He will represent the Asia Pacific region at the Global Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in Puerto Rico.

Bacardi credits his achievements to his hunger to learn more through books and meeting experts in the field. Biswas had participated in the Bacardi Superior Rum Legacy Cocktail Competition in 2012 where he showcased his skill along with other bartending talents from across the country, claiming the number one position in a fiercely competitive battle.

Bar trainer Sudam Biswa in action 

Biswas now wants to cross another milestone by winning this competition. “While I was training in Goa under my hotel management programme, I got fascinated with the job profile of bartenders over there. So, I went to Chennai to pursue a one-year diploma. After that, I served for some time at a Hyderabad-based lounge. After that, I decided to explore a wider arena and decided to work with a five-star nightclub and hence came to MiAMi.”

Biswas adds that in foreign countries since a wide variety of liquor is available, they can experiment. “Also, they easily have 30-40 collections of bitter whereas we hardly have a few. This is a major setback. But the Indian scenario is changing now and with a growing bar culture, people are experimenting with new things; hence, the field is evolving and there are well-trained professionals.”

Biswas, who has tasted success in a career span of just three years, has started working with infusions and other revolutionary concepts in modern mixology while sharpening his skill and techniques. He learned to focus on minute details of the ingredients such as flavours, nutritional values and other influential factors.

(The competition’s semi-finals will be held on April 25 and the finale will be on April 26 at Puerto Rico where candidates from 23 countries around the world will compete).

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