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Jan 24, 2012, 08:59 IST | Avantika Patil

After being out of sight for many months, actor Sharman Joshi is now seen in an ad film doing a dance-off with a penguin, a la Happy Feet

After being out of sight for many months, actor Sharman Joshi is now seen in an ad film doing a dance-off with a penguin, a la Happy Feet. In real life too, Sharman loves to watch cartoon films with his kids, daughter Khyana and sons Rehan and Varryan. With remote control fights being a part of his kid's lives, Sharman talks to CS about his love for animation films:

Who: Sharman Joshi
What: Talking about his love for animation films

Remote rage
Recently, I saw the film Tangled with Khyana and she thoroughly loved it. My kids love cartoons. The boys, Rehan and Varryan (just two years old) enjoy the Chota Bheem series, while Khyana likes Dora the Explorer and Doraemon. She's a typical girl. The kids do have remote control fights, and some of them are really serious and nasty ones. Since my daughter is the eldest, she rules. On a particular day, if she is in a kind mood, the boys can have it easy or else, it's war! In the end, my always daughter wins and dictates. I don't get into their fights; I leave it to them to sort it out. However, I don't know what to expect when the boys grow up!

Animation inclination
I love all genres of cinema, including animation films. Even as a kid, I did watch many cartoons, though the content available was pretty limited in terms of channels or shows. Today, kids can choose from ten different shows. We would save our pocket money to rent out a VHS cassette and would watch popular cartoon series on VCR. My favourite show was Tom and Jerry. I would never miss a single episode of it. Comic books were another source of entertainment. I had a collection of comic books that included Richie Rich, Archies, etc. My parents were easy going and never placed any restrictions on me, as long as I completed my studies.

Pixel excel
Finding Nemo was such a moving film that it left me teary-eyed. It was amazing to see three fishes stirring up such emotions in me. For an animation film to do so, it needs a strong script. I also love The Lion King, Tintin series, Tangled and many others. Though animation films are relatively new in India, it's good to see how people have accepted such films. The Indian animation industry has a long way to go before it makes films like The Ice Age, Toy Story, Cars etc. We have the creative ideas, but lag behind in terms of budgets. The market for animation films is limited in India, so it will take time to produce high quality animation. But I'm sure things will change for the better.

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