Shazahn Padamsee gives you tip on how to be a perfect host

Mar 28, 2014, 10:01 IST | The Hitlist Team

Blessed with a large family and a huge friends' circle, Shazahn Padamsee has attended and hosted a fair share of parties. Here she shares with hitlist a few pointers that one needs to keep in mind when throwing the perfect bash....

Shazahn Padamsee>> Try to have a theme for the party; it makes things interesting. Also, it makes people want to look forward to your next party.

>> Chalk out a budget beforehand to avoid any last-minute shockers. 

>> It’s always a good idea to throw in a surprise act, preferably an entertainment element to liven things up.

>> Invitations should be sent out in time so that guests can block dates accordingly.

>> Items on the food and wine list should be tested in advance, so you know what’s being served.

>> Details like décor, floral arrangements, glassware, silverware and serving equipment should be looked into in advance. These minute details add to the overall experience.

>> Try to have soft lighting as it helps add to the ambience.

>> Inform the neighbours well in advance that you are expecting guests.

>> Try to make arrangements for the guests’ parking.

>> Make the perfect playlist. I like to have a good mix of different music genres to keep the party going.

>> Wear a glamorous outfit that keeps you in the spotlight.

>> Introduce guests to each other and bring like-minded people together so that no one feels left out.

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