Sheena Bora murder case: 10 shocking developments so far

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It has been a year since the Sheena Bora murder came to light, but the twists and turns refuse to end. We take a look back at some sensational developments in the case that shocked the nation

It has been a year since the Sheena Bora murder came to light, but the twists and turns refuse to end. We take a look back at some sensational developments in the case that shocked the nation.

Sheena Bora and Rahul Mukerjea 

Rahul Mukerjea documented Indrani's threats to him and Sheena: Much before Sheena Bora was killed, her boyfriend Rahul Mukerjea, had documented some of the threats issued by Indrani along with their time and dates, anticipating the worst. Rahul had kept the document with some of his and Sheena’s friends with clear instructions, that in case of any untoward incident, the said evidence should reach the police in UK and India.

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'Sheena didn't want to pretend to be Indrani's sister': Recording his statement in the case, Rahul revealed. “She did not want to pretend to be Indrani’s sister. She felt it was unfair that Vidhie was being treated as Indrani’s daughter, and she wasn’t. "The statement further says in February or March 2009, Indrani had gone to Rahul’s flat with a colleague. “Indrani and her colleague came in a car, and my father also came there in a separate car. My father came minutes before Indrani and her colleague, and told Sheena and me that Indrani was on her way and she wanted to separate us. Immediately, Indrani was there with her colleague, and she took Sheena away. My father stayed with me for about one or two hours. I was crying there because Sheena had been separated from me,” added.

Sanjana and Sheena were best friends

Sheena told her best friend she couldn't forgive Indrani: An email dated October 26, 2009, from Sheena to best friend and former classmate from Guwahati, Sanjana Raktim reads: “…I am not in touch with my mother…she cant change I hav understood that till now. I don’t wish to make my life difficult by getting bak in touch with her. She has never made any efforts to make things better things betwn us. After all the delhi incident and again trying to get me chucked out of my job. I have no good regards for her…I cannot forgive her.”

'Sheena has been taken away from Rahul's clutches': “Madam Sheena ko Rahul se chhudaya hain, jane do koi baat nahi” (Madam Sheena has been taken away from the clutches of Rahul. Let it be, don’t worry). This is what Peter Mukerjea had told his servant Pradeep Waghmare on April 25, 2012, a day after Sheena had disappeared, according to the domestic help’s statement to the CBI. On the same day, Peter’s son, Rahul had gone to their Worli home, Marlow, and started asking Waghmare about Sheena. Rahul wanted to know if Sheena had visited the flat. Rahul even had a fight with the security guards, as they did not allow him to enter.

Indrani and Peter Mukerjea

Indrani, Peter Mukerjea told joint CP to stop looking for Sheena: In the supplementary chargesheet filed in the Sheena Bora murder case in February 2016, the CBI added a fresh statement from Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Deven Bharti that suggests Peter may have played a larger role in the conspiracy than he admits. The senior cop revealed that Indrani and Peter Mukerjea had told him to stop looking for Sheena. The 500-page chargesheet names Peter as one of the accused for the 2012 murder of Sheena Bora, apart from prime accused Indrani, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shyam Rai.

Indrani had named 'sister' Sheena as executor of her will: The will made by Indrani on September 17, 2004, in which she left her financial assets to her second daughter Vidhie (from her ex-husband and co-accused Sanjeev Khanna). It’s no surprise that she named her husband Peter as Vidhie’s guardian; not only did she trust him as her husband, Peter had also adopted Vidhie. But the will had a further provision: in case both Indrani and Peter died, Indrani’s mother Durga Ranee Bora and Sheena, would become the executors of the will and the guardians of Vidhie. It is, however, important to note that the will names Sheena as Indrani’s ‘sister’, and not her daughter, as was established once the murder came to light.

Indrani and Mikhail Bora

Indrani asked about dosage of fatal anti-psychotic drug night Sheena was killed: Renowned psychiatrist, Dr Yusuf Abdulla Matcheswala, who has been treating Sheena’s brother, Mikhail Bora, told the CBI that the day Sheena was killed, her mother Indrani had asked him what dosage of a certain anti-psychotic medicine would be fatal. In his statement to CBI on October 7, 2015, Matcheswala stated that it was in the first week of April 2012 that Indrani had got a prescription from him for an anti psychotic medicine for her son Mikhail, who had become aggressive once again after his treatment in 2006. Indrani contacted Matcheswala several times in the same month when Sheena was murdered, regarding the same medicines.

Indrani got tips on carrying out 'perfect murder' from Palande case? Indrani had studied the work of another murderer, Vijay Palande, and learnt lessons on what she should and shouldn’t do while executing the killing. When Indrani was planning the murder of Sheena in April, 2012, she had initially decided to hire a contact killer, but she dropped the idea as she read in the newspapers about Palande, a contract killer, getting arrested, leading to two murders being detected. Later, Indrani also read about how Palande had thrown Kakkad’s chopped-up body in Chiplun and the parts were later found by the cops. That was when she decided that she would burn the body as a precaution, so that no evidence was left behind.

Sheena Bora

Indrani foiled family's attempts to file missing complaint for Sheena: The murder might have come to light four years ago, but the police did not take it seriously when the disappearance of Sheena Bora was reported to them by her father, brother and boyfriend. According to sources, within a week of Sheena’s disappearance in April 2012, her brother Mikhail and boyfriend Rahul Mukerjea approached both the Khar and Worli police stations. But Sheena’s mother, Indrani, assured the cops that Sheena had moved to the US. After this, the police did not file a missing complaint. 

Driver's arrest nails media bigwig Indrani for Sheena’s murder: Indrani was arrested by the Khar police in August 2015 for her alleged role in her Sheena’s murder, then mistaken to be her sister. It was Indrani’s driver who gave her away, all these years after her sister’s disappearance in 2012. The police learnt of Sheena’s murder from Indrani’s driver, Shyam Rai, who spilled the beans when he was arrested in connection with an illegal arms case. During interrogation, Rai cracked and confessed to several other crimes, including the murder of Sheena. The Vakola resident told the police that he and Indrani, along with another accomplice, murdered Sheena and dumped her body near a farmhouse in Raigad. The driver, Rai, said Indrani was the mastermind of the whole crime. At first the cops did not believe him, but when they discovered that Sheena had been missing since 2012, they informed the Raigad police. They were shocked to find the remains of a woman at the spot.

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Peter, Indrani both involved in Sheena's murder: Mikhail Bora

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