Shivashish Mishra on being expelled from Bigg Boss: I don't regret for what I did, Bigg Boss should

Updated: 19 November, 2018 20:46 IST | Gayatri Nirmal | Mumbai

After getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss 12 house, Shivashish Mishra spoke exclusively to mid-day online about his state of mind after the eviction

Shivashish Mishra. Picture Courtesy: Instagram/shivashishmishra_
Shivashish Mishra. Picture Courtesy: Instagram/shivashishmishra_

This week, Bigg Boss 12 house saw the eviction of Shivashish Mishra. He had entered the house with partner Sourabh Patel, and was left all alone to live this journey, after the latter got evicted in the initial weeks of the show. Dejected by the contestants behaviour in the house and Bigg Boss' unfair decisions, (as per him) Shivashish says that he is at peace after being eliminated. In an exclusive interaction with mid-day online, Shivashish speaks about what all irked him inside the house and his future plans.

Do you think your elimination was a fair decision?
I was right and I was fighting for my chance. So, it doesn't matter if they have expelled me, I know I was right.

So, you have no regrets?
Absolutely not! These guys should regret because what they did was wrong.

What makes you think that Bigg Boss and its contestants are wrong?
It's because they evicted me for the kaalkothari task, which wasn't a big issue. It was a normal Bigg Boss jail, not some Tihar Jail. I could have gone there for a couple of hours. What irked me was the reason they were sending me in for was absolutely inappropriate. There were things that others had done, and they were much more severe. Those people (other contestants) were accepting that we have done bigger crimes and he doesn't deserve to go in. Still they were not sending them to the kaalkothari. Secondly, Bigg Boss said that we'll take strict action because the task is getting cancelled. If you remember, just a day before when the captaincy task occurred, and the whole of majority was in my support, out of 12 people, only 3 people were supporting Romil Choudhary (Captain). There also, there was a conspiracy and the task got cancelled. For that task, they didn't punish anyone at all but when it comes to me, they want to take strict actions, which is totally unfair.

In this entire process, who do you think was there through your thick and thin?
Sreesanth, without any doubts!

Do you think this friendship and relationship will continue even after the season ends?
Yes, lifelong.

Had you stayed in the house for a longer time, do you think you could have emerged as the Bigg Boss 12 winner?
To be very honest, the game was getting ugly and dirty and then it comes to choosing between our principles and ethics. In the game, I would have chosen my principles and ethics and sooner or later, I would have gone. Had it been fair then I would have survived and won the game.

But hasn't Bigg Boss always been about playing smart?
This is the first time that I have come on the Bigg Boss show, and before this I hadn't even seen any of the seasons or shows. Plus, there were a number of things that kept re-occurring. For instance, when the so called 'Happy Club' was safe and others were nominated, eviction had happened. The other time, elimination got cancelled. There are so many things where you see that Bigg Boss has been biased.

Are there any memories from the Bigg Boss house that will be cherished forever?
Yes, of course! The time when Sreesanth and I fought, and then again became closer from enemies to besties.

Who do you think is playing the smartest in this game?
If you talk about the game, Romil is playing the smartest. He is playing and doing everything just to be in this game. It might be shallow, dirty, manipulating or changing sides – he's doing all of that. But at the end of the day he is playing. To be in the game, I think people like them can only survive.

What are your plans now?
I have a long list to do. Right now, I already have my business and there are other set-ups, which are there in the process.

Are you at peace after coming out of the house?
I am very much at peace after getting evicted.

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First Published: 19 November, 2018 20:40 IST

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