Shot in the dark: No more raw deals for this actor

Feb 19, 2014, 09:00 IST | The Hitlist Team

Tired of unfair treatment meted out to him in films, this actor is now putting his foot down

This star, who mostly features in multi-starrers, is not too happy with the way his role shaped up in his last film.

Shot In The Dark

He was taken aback to see his role mercilessly chopped. Instead of brooding over it, the actor has decided to take charge and look into the minute details of his coming projects.

He is now keen to play well-defined characters that have considerable screen space. Despite being an A-Lister, he has not yet touched the pinnacle of success in his career. The star is now keen to do quality work, instead of resorting to the blame game.

His upcoming film is a multi-starrer and he is making sure that his scenes make it past the editing table. In fact, he keeps ribbing the director during the film's shoot that he's hoping his scenes don’t get axed from the final cut.

Moreover, it is being said that this star no longer wants to mix friendship with business as he believes that it only ends with him getting a short shrift from his filmmakers.

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