Shot in the dark: This actress is preying on her spy

Feb 24, 2014, 09:15 IST | The Hitlist Team

This actress has been on a witch-hunt for the ‘source’ who leaked out stories about her

With stories about her grabbing headlines every other day, this actress is one miffed woman.

Shot In The Dark

So much so that she now wants to hunt down the source behind these stories. And in a bid to do so, the actress had her team browse through cell phones of some staff members — including from the production house of the film she's currently shooting for — on the pretext of checking out features on their phone.

Says a source, "Her team made it a point to check the call logs and the numbers stored in their cell phones. The team also checked text messages and contact lists on these phones. That's how word spread that this actress is out to find the source who has been constantly tipping off the media about her."

However, the sweet irony of it all is the fact that this bit has also made to the public domain now.

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