Should Hema Malini have kept quiet?

Jul 09, 2015, 08:31 IST | The Hitlist Team

The actress-politician sparks outrage on social media by blaming the dead child's father for the Dausa mishap

Hema Malini has triggered an online furore days after she met with an accident which claimed the life of a four-year-old girl. The actress-politician enraged netizens when she took to Twitter to blame the victim's father for the July 2 mishap that took place near Dausa in Rajasthan.

Hema Malini
Hema Malini

Her tweet read, "My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. How I wish the girl's father had followed the traffic rules — then this accident could have been averted & the lil one's life safe! (sic)". Needless to say, the Twitterati lashed out at the 66-year-old MP stating the child's life could have been saved had she taken her along to the hospital for immediate treatment.

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In response to Hema's accusations, the victim's uncle, Giriraj shot back saying, "She is falsely blaming us. The traffic rules say that the speed limit is 60km/hr but her car was speeding at 157 km/hr. Ye jale pe namak chidak ke hum ko gam de rahi hai (She's hurting us further by adding insult to injury)."

Earlier, reports surfaced that the dead child's family was bitter about the thespian not caring to enquire about their well-being. "We know she (Hema Malini) was also hurt but at least she could have inquired about the well being of the family... (She could have) asked the doctors to give (the family) proper treatment," a relative was reported to have said.

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